If you could live tweet your presentations

A comparatively recent trend towards people live tweeting at conferences, coupled with the somewhat older trend of people posting their conference or presentation slide decks after their talks (on Slideshare, Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDocs, iCloud and the like) made me think of what the world would be like if it were possible to combine the two. Imagine if you could tell Powerpoint, or Keynote or Presenter when you start the presentation to share each slide as you click “next” via your Twitter or Facebook account. I envisage the software prompting you to add a conference hashtag e.g. #ABCDbigcon2014. Then the tweets get sent out with the slides main header or a talk title and slide number count plus the conference specific hashtag to every tweet. Having a hashtag would of course enable your followers to mute you for an hour if they didn’t want to hear in excruciating detail how “RNAi infused nanoparticles are going to revolutionise medicine.”

This would be brilliant for OpenScience, with the advantage that you don’t have to divulge your results ahead of time. They’re hot off the press as you speak.

A further extension would be a configuration dialog that would allow you to add a post-talk upload of the entire deck to your sharing platform of choice (Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive), with a final hash-tagged tweet going to your followers to get the full set via a link. Keynote already has a share to Twitter/Facebook/email function built in to share decks that are already in iCloud, but it’d be cool if it were done in real time

Keynote Sharing options via iCloud Documents

Keynote Sharing options via iCloud Documents

So come on devs, get cracking now. I only want to be paid in Gummi bears


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One Response to If you could live tweet your presentations

  1. In the meantime, it should be possible to schedule a set of tweets ahead of time for the main points in yiour presentation and then schedule a final tweet linking to a powerpoint presentation on academia.edu, dropbox or another site. I might have to try this sometime.

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